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      Dongguan Jiezheng Mold Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a set of product development and design, mold manufacturing, injection molding in one of the mold manufacturers. Specializing in plastic mold more than 20 years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, to provide you with reasonable price, good quality, fast mold manufacturing solutions. The company currently has a group of experienced mold production professionals, in product development, mold manufacturing, injection molding has been recognized by the majority of customers. High-quality elite management team...

      Product Leading products for three wheeled vehicles, low-speed trucks, light trucks, electric sightseeing cars, tractors, engines, tires, combine harvester. more+

      Mobile:13509005172 Telephone:0769-85394568

      Address:Changan town, Dongguan City, new An Li Cheng industrial city
      Attention to us: